Financial Times: Bob Hugin signed off on increasing drug prices for cancer patients

By HealthNewsNJ Staff

The Financial Times is reporting what we’ve long known about Bob Hugin — he gouged cancer patients with sky-high drug prices to fatten profits at Celgene:

“Celgene, a US biotech group, is among the drugmakers that recently promised moderation. But the price of its cancer treatment, Revlimid, has gone from $247.28 per pill in 2007 to $695.48 today. Nor is Revlimid a particularly innovative medicine: it is a derivative of another decades-old drug, thalidomide, which was withdrawn from the market in 1962 after it was found to cause birth defects. Robert Hugin, the former Celgene chief executive who signed off most of the Revlimid increases, is now a Republican candidate for the Senate. For some reason, he has escaped Mr Trump’s wrath.”

There’s a reason why Donald Trump won’t hold Bob Hugin accountable: Hugin is not only Trump’s hand-picked candidate in New Jersey, he also strongly supported Trump’s campaign, donating more than $100,000 to help elect him.

New Jersey can’t afford to have Bob Hugin in Washington, D.C. working for Donald Trump and the pharmaceutical industry instead of working families.